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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Few Things**Updated

First of all...

34 weeks today!!!

Anyone else shocked by that?? I know I am!

I don't have a picture at this exact moment, but will put one up...probably tomorrow. But just be warned...its CrAzy!

It's been awhile, I'm so sorry. Nothing too amazing has been happening up until this last week so I haven't really had a whole lot to talk about.

Now, lets jump back to last Wednesday.

I'm sitting at work, feeling normal. Then I start to get uncomfortable sitting at my desk. Then things start to get painful. Like bad.

I felt like my right hip was pinching something against my ribs. And no matter how I moved or stood or whatever, it wouldn't go away. I tried to just deal, thinking it's just my stupid back that hurts anyway, it just hurts worse today.

Then it turned into, I can't really breathe because this is hurting so bad. So I finally went home at about 11 thinking I would take a bath and get my heating pad on it and I would be fine.

Not. So. Much.

I was in the bath for a total of 7 minutes before I couldn't sit there anymore. It felt like there was a knot in my back that I couldn't rub out and sitting made it get squished, I'm assuming, and it hurt!!

I laid in my bed for awhile, laying on my left side hurt because my belly pulled on that sore spot too much. Laying on my right side meant laying ON the sore spot so that was kind of out too. I ended up flat on my back, which is not good, but that's all I could do for the time being.

When it started getting worse and worse, and never better...I finally decided to call my midwife. I had an appointment with her the night before, but everyting was fine so there was nothing to talk about then. I knew it could be kidney related, being on my right side...but that it could also be some pre-term back labor going on. She had Kevin push around to see if it was my kidneys, and it definitely hurt more when he did that so she said we need to head to the Dr. because if its an infection, we would need antibiotics from the Dr.

To the urgent care we go...after walking, sitting, crying in the waiting room for over an hour, I finally got back to see the Dr.

They said no infection but it could possibly be kidney stones just talking about it. He did some more poking and prodding, then said that stones wouldn't hurt from the outside but found that that muscle (remember the giant knot??) was pretty tight when I wasn't using it, and rock hard when I was. He finally said I probably pulled a muscle, which isn't hard to do when you're pregnant, and with the weight of the baby being positioned just so perfectly it was just making it that much worse.

He put me on loritab, told me to take it very easy and get a brace for my belly to keep it from pulling and maybe give my back a chance to heal. But he also said that it was possible that it wouldn't feel better until the baby was born.

So I missed work, and school for a couple of days because, as hard as I tried not to, I couldn't deal with that pain without the pain meds which meant I couldn't drive anywhere. And finally on Sunday, it felt better!!! I could walk normally again and didn't have to take any more of those pills! I got my belly brace, which makes me feel and look like an idiot but it's helping A LOT!

Now I just have to continue to take it easy so that it doesn't come back, because no thank you!

That turned into quite a long story, sorry about that. This is the most interesting thing that has happened during my pregnancy, which is a good thing, so I just had to report it!

Stay tuned for a picture of the giant baby belly!!!