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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Now, if you'll bring your attention to the right...

To view the wedding site you actually have to go to it and do the login instructions...It will send me an email to approve or deny the request and when I accept it, it will email you back and let you know that you can come and see.
Sorry if I wasn't clear enough on that earlier!

Some of you have already noticed, but for those who haven't, notice the link over to the right with the words "Our Wedding Website". That is, just as it says, our wedding website. Now I know that I don't have to say this (I hope anyway) but people who are in any contact with D-bag what-so-ever, NOT ONE WORD!!!

I have made the website private, so if you would like to look at it just do the whole "add me" thing. If I like you, you can come in. If you are some random person, then your chances probably aren't too high.

There isn't much there right now, mostly because not a lot of planning has happened. But there will be, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So those of you who were readers of my private blog, do you remember these?

I guess now that I am engaged I can tell you what they were for...I found these because they were the perfect wedding shoes for me! But then I waited too long to get them and the are no longer anywhere to be found.


But the entire theme of the wedding has changed since I found these shoes so it doesn't even matter that they aren't around for the wedding's sake, but they sure were amazing.

I just purchased the shoes I am going to wear officially. They were way cheaper than said amazing shoes and they will work with the wedding a lot better. Think beachy, caribbean, fun...

I'm in love with them, and I really would love to show you my dress but there aren't any good pictures I can snag online so it might just have to wait until it has been purchased and is at home with me. But, trust me, its beautiful!

So far we have: March, Squatters, night time. Thats about it.

On a different note, the house thing is going great! We aren't all the way moved in yet because of painting and re-finishing the floors but we are working on it. I only have one picture so was taken on my phone so excuse the quality (or lack there of) of it.

That is the front door the dining room (nook), and the shiny, shiny hardwood because the varnish was still wet. It is dry now and it looks amazing with the wall color. LOVE IT!

We have slowly started putting things away in the kitchen but it is slow going because it seems things have been non stop since last monday when we started moving in. But the good news is the messy part of this whole thing is over. There is no more sanding so I can actually start cleaning and keep things clean.

The master isn't painted yet because of the floors and then we went to my family reunion and when we got back on Sunday we had to get things from a million different stores, and then yesterday Kevin had a softball tournament so he didn't get home til about 7:30 and neither of us felt like doing anything but relaxing. We have decided to look at his schedule and find time where we can actually plan to paint the bedroom. Hopefully this weekend but we'll see.

Thats just about all the updates I have for now. I know you can't believe it because this post wasn't long at all...Once things are set up I will have some more pictures of the house to share but for now, that one is it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Moving Day and Some News

So we started moving into the new house today, and it will take the rest of the week I'm sure since Kevin and his dad want to re-finish the hard-wood floors before we get all of our stuff moved in.

We are both mega excited and can't wait to be in and settled...I'll put up some pictures of the house when I remember to take some.

As for the news....Me and Kevin are...


As of Saturday night....and we are both so happy. Everyone is happy: My family, his family, our friends.

I can't remember the last time I was this happy, and it feels so good!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The First (real) Post

Not that Sadie's passing is not considered real news, because it most definitely is, but I wanted the a first post besides my welcome to be something exciting and not cryptic or sad.

But thats okay, because I have some news now.

Some good news.

Some very happy news.

Me and Kevin are moving in together! He has been trying to get into a house since we got together and the bank finally accepted his offer...the closing date is supposed to be Aug. 16th but we're hoping they will be okay with going sooner.

I can't wait! We have been waiting for this since May and almost had it, but then it got moved, and delayed, and moved...

I'll put up some pictures of moving day when we get to that.

There is also some other news, but I'm not talking about that yet.

Let's spread these things out kids...come on!

Up next, my best friend's wedding!