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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Few Things

So I might be getting my wedding dress this week...I'm not sure when but some time...CAN'T WAIT!!!

These came in the mail last week so I am excited to try them on with it!!! YAY!!!

Me and Kevin cleaned the house yesterday, we got all of the boxes out of the kitchen (all non-kitchen related mind you), bought rugs for said kitchen and put all the junk that was all over the counters away!!! It looks like a house now, and its wonderful.

We had our first visit from certain types of neighbors that I would much rather avoid altogether, but they were nice and she made good cookies for us to enjoy so thats cool. They also brough their little tiny dog with them. She was super cute.

And speaking of dogs...we got a new one! Her name is Roxie and she is the sweetest thing ever. She is a border collie/lab mix, she's 5 and she's adorable. She just likes to relax, and she follows me all around the house. If I leave the family room to put my cup in the sink, she comes too, then turns right around when I go back to the family room. We love her, including Ace (Kev's dog), he thinks he's got himself a brand new girlfriend and he's totally diggin' it.

Me and Kevin are going to go the Squatter's soon to check it out i.e. Menu, location, prices, etc. I've never eaten there but it looks like a good time from everything I've seen on the rooms and such.
Who wants to hear my random thought today? Now this thought wasn't actually born today, it was born a very long time ago the first morning I took the belt route to I-215 to get to my old job at Founders...
Why does that spot when you are curving and almost on 215 smell like coffee and burnt Eggos??
Anyone, Anyone??
Everyday I drive there, and everyday I wonder this same thing because everyday this is what it smells like. I have no idea why. Its not like there is a restaurant right there that makes breakfast every morning, its just some hot tub store.
Anyway, super random but oh well...Its been bugging me lately and I wanted to put it out there.
That is all for now...see ya!

1 comment:

Brian said...

I have an answer to your "random thought" It smells like that because of the incinerator that is located on Redwood me though, it's not Eggos they fryin'...Awesome new K9 buddy, good breeds to mix together!