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Monday, September 21, 2009

A bit of a change

So me and sister (that's my sister for those not in the know; that's what I call her) went to the bridal show at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday and it was awesome.

A lot of progress was made and some decisions were made as well. First of all, sister is on board with helping me make my invitations. I drew up the perfect invites and I'm super excited to get them going.

Secondly, remember the post when I said, "Remember the shoes? Well now they are new shoes!"
Consider this the reprisal.

Since the vibe of the wedding has changed, I could no longer wear the summery sandals that I had (secondly) originally planned on. Yes I did buy them, but who ever said you can have too many shoes? It certainly wasn't me! I have been searching for the perfect shoe to replace said sandals, but I wasn't having any luck. They had to have the perfect vintage feel, while not completely disregarding my style. It was a toughy!

But then I found them....and they are PERFECT!!!!!!

I am in love ~*swoon*~

I also found my photographer and she is also perfect.

Ya'll can find her at Stacy Marie Photography

I have been a little bit worried about the money for the wedding...Mostly I wasn't sure that there would be enough for the things that I wanted to have. Not like bridezilla things, but things like a kick-ass photographer and an equally kick-ass place to have the party. But things have come together quite perfectly and I found out this weekend that its all gonna be just fine.

Plus, I found a rockin' deal on a honeymoon....Hawaii anyone?

6 nights, car rental, and roundtrip tickets for both of us for under $2,000.

I am "freaking out" kind of excited about it!


Welcome to my World. said...

Love the shoes!

Chelsea said...

Thank you, Thank you! I hate that I don't get to wear them until March.