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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So some of you may know, some of you may not, that I went to school to become an esthetician awhile back. I only did the basic course (600 hours) because I was moving to California at the time and didn't see the point in getting a Master Esthetician license in a state where it didn't exist. Anyway, I finished my hours, moved to California, took my test in LA, and didn't pass the writeen exam.

That was the end of it. I never scheduled my re-test, I lost sight of my goal, and haven't really though much about it until recently. I even had myself convinced that that wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I have a sneaking suspicion it had something to do with certain people things in my life at the time, but they have since been upgraded :)

Like I said, I have recently started thinking about it again. I re-evaluated, and realized that me hating my job is never going to change unless I do something to change it. If I don't go to college, I'm never going to get a job that I love.

So, I decided that I am going to start over.

I have decided that I am going to go back to esthetics school.

Last time, I didn't really do any research as far as what schools there were and what they offered...I kind of just picked one and went. That was a bad idea, and because the school I went to wasn't amazing, I feel that may have contributed to me not loving it. There wasn't a lot of structure, the instructors weren't awesome, and it was in a basement of a random building.

I have been looking into Elase Academy, and so far I'm loving what I see...and hear. A girl I work with started there in December I think, and she said that she loves it and only had good things to say about it.

My favorite part of that school is that Elase is a medical spa, meaning lasers, botox, things like that. So at Elase Academy, that stuff is a part of the curriculum. It isn't extra, it isn't a special course, its just a part of it. That means that the opportunities for work don't stop at a day spa, you can work in Dr.'s offices, medical spas, things like that.

That's what I'm talking about!

I've looked into the tuition, the scheduling. I can go part time Monday through Thursday from 5:30-9:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9-5 a.m. and it should only take about 15 months. Which means I can still work full time, and just over a year is not that long. Plus, because I have done it before, I won't be nearly as lost.

There is a girl that I went to high school with, who is married to a guy a went to high school with, and I read her blog. She started in January at Elase and she has been posting weekly updates with pictures and everything...that's when I really started to miss it. The last post she did was them doing manicures and pedicures and I wanted to cry because it want to do that again.

Because its been so long since I was at school, I will be starting over. But I am okay with it. I definitely won't be starting until after the wedding. They have a course starting May 4, so I might look into that one. Or wait until the summer is over.

Once the absolute decision has been made, I will let you all know...but, in the mean time, wish me luck!


Welcome to my World. said...

That is great, Chelsea!

You are starting over in just about all other aspects of life, so why not here too? Way to take control of the things you can to help make yourself happy!

If you have to take math classes and need help... that is my fav area ;)

Diane and Colby Dimond said...

I am so proud of you! Do it! You will never regret it!

d.scerbo said...

Best of luck! Let me know what you think of Elase. My daughter is going to Skinworks School of Advanced Skin Care and loves it. She is thinking of going to Elase after she graduates.

Mike and Blake said...

Good Freakin luck!!! Go for it girlfriend! That sounds awesome! We have a master Eathetician that works in our cosmetic department and she is awesome!!! And thanks for always writing such sweet things on my blog. You make my days happier! Good on ya!!! :) love ya!