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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Real Quick...

I just wanted to say that my new, very favorite thing in the whole world is watching my baby kick my belly.

Yes, I said watching.

On Sunday, I was sitting on the bed folding laundry and watching tv, I leaned back to give my back a rest for a second and just happened to look down right when a spot on my belly popped out for a split second.

Then it happened again, and again.

Now, I just catch myself staring at my belly for who knows how long, waiting to see it again.

I can't believe how unbelievably happy I am right now, looking down at this...


Welcome to my World. said...

:( I can't see the foot... you may have to outline it!! :)

Chelsea said...

That would be freaky if there was a foot shape sticking out...I would be weirded out by that.

No feet...just one happy mama's belly.

The Hawkins Gang said...

My favorite part was when I would see a knee or foot move across my belly. It felt so weird but awesome at the same time. I miss it sometimes...