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Friday, April 29, 2011

What a difference a month makes!

Here I am.

In all my bellied glory.

(I don't think that's a word...)

Remember when there wasn't a volleyball under my shirt?

Remeber when, just 4 short weeks ago, I looked like this?

Quite a difference, huh?

That's because my boy is getting HUGE!!

And he's started this new game of pushing as far out front as he can. It gets heavy, and is definitely not the most comfortable thing ever.

But, I can deal :)

Some positives thus far...

*I have yet to find out what heartburn feels like

*I can still wear my one pair of non-maternity jeans

*My mid-wife says things are looking great in all areas!

*Me and R play games all day when I'm sitting at my desk, it makes me feel special :)

*The nursery is we wait for carpet

*Only 13 weeks left...eek!

Some not so positives, but still not so bad...

-He hurts me sometimes when he plays his new stick-out game

-Kevin's schedule has been a complete suck-fest lately, so I feel like he's missing stuff. Including my growing belly

-Hungry, full, hungry, full...its a viscious cycle

-I have had several dreams that "It's a boy!" until he is actually born and it turns out "It's a girl!" Very unsettling.

-Only 13 weeks left...eek!

I just can't wait to meet my little guy!


Welcome to my World. said...

yay!!! so cute, and so exciting.

Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

No heartburn!! That is so not fair!! Grrrr!!!!
You have gotten so big...and just think...the third trimester is when the baby does the most growing!! Go you!!
I'm so excited for you! It's the most awesome experience you will have and you are going to fall madly in love with your little man!!