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Love you still,
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Still Here!

I'm sorry I'm so terrible at this all of the sudden.

I don't mean to be...please forgive me!

I will say though, I don't really have a whole lot going on. I've really just been doing the whole life thing, ya know?

Work, school, kid.

But there is one something that is quite amazing...

I finished school!!!!!

Last week was my last day at school, I passed my practical test yesterday, and now I just have to get through my written test and we will be golden!!!

1 comment:

Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

Congrats on finishing school! That's awesome. I'm so impressed that you are able to work, go to school, and take care of your little guy. (Not to mention taking care of your home, your husband, and everything else.) You go girl!