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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The First (real) Post

Not that Sadie's passing is not considered real news, because it most definitely is, but I wanted the a first post besides my welcome to be something exciting and not cryptic or sad.

But thats okay, because I have some news now.

Some good news.

Some very happy news.

Me and Kevin are moving in together! He has been trying to get into a house since we got together and the bank finally accepted his offer...the closing date is supposed to be Aug. 16th but we're hoping they will be okay with going sooner.

I can't wait! We have been waiting for this since May and almost had it, but then it got moved, and delayed, and moved...

I'll put up some pictures of moving day when we get to that.

There is also some other news, but I'm not talking about that yet.

Let's spread these things out kids...come on!

Up next, my best friend's wedding!

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