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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Now I know what you're thinking...this is not Part 2 of the honeymoon. But...I haven't really been at home (at all) since I did that last post and since that's where the pictures are, I kind of have to be there.

It's coming though...I promise. Now back to the point.

I've heard about them since they came out.

I've seen them once or twice.

My brother got one for Christmas...with rave reviews from the beyond-tech-savvy eldest Kirk.


Then we went on our honeymoon which, naturally, meant a whole lot of people watching at various aiports. It seemed like they were everywhere. People sitting there, rubbing it in my face: I have one and you don't.

Did they know they were doing it? Probably not, but that's alright. Pleae just let me wallow.

Facebook peeps probably already know where this is going, because I've been talking about it already this morning and felt it warranted its very own post!

I'm talking about the Kindle. This beautiful, handy, wireless, book downloader/reader for the person who loves to read. Books, magazines,'s insane, the possibilities! And you don't have to hook it up to your computer to get the these things, like an ipod. You search for them, buy them (only $10 a pop for most books) and download them, wirelessly, in basically the blink of an eye right on the little guy.


I HAVE to have it! I've been staring at it all morning on the computer and trying to wish it into my hands, hasn't worked yet.

Who has one?

Let me know what you think about them.


Donna said...

My daughter and daughter-in-law have the Nook and love them. They compared and decided they wanted the Nook rather than the Kindle. They bought their Nooks on line at Barnes and Noble.

Cass said...

Dane has a Nook and being a pilot there is a lot of sitting between flights, he LOVES it. He loves that he can read pretty much any newspaper on it too.

Becky Johnson said...

I know someone who has one and he LOVES it. I want one too. I think they are SUPER cool.