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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh Baby!

14 weeks!!

I can't even believe that! It feels like it was yesterday that I found out I was even pregnant...And that was clear back in November!

I am starting to feel a little better, nausea wise. But sometimes, I still would just like to die it gets so bad. But with the second trimester, it definitely feels like it is tapering off....kind of.

And here's my list...

Size of the baby: Navel orange; 4.5 inches long; 2-3 ounces

Total weight gain/loss: As of my last appointment, I had lost 2 pounds. That was 2 weeks ago, but I still feel like I've felt bad enough that I haven't been eating as much as I probably should (not by choice, trust me)

Maternity clothes: I so far am still in regular clothes, but almost broke down last week because my jeans were hurting me. I'm down to one particular pair of regular jeans, and my stretchy black pants. Alternating days of course :)
I also have yet to get a bigger bra, but fear that won't be the case much longer...'YOWZA!' is all I have to say in that department.

Movement: **I haven't felt anything yet, but sweet pea is definitely moving around in there. Some days my belly is so sore, I feel like I've been working out! **
The above was written 2 days ago...I have since felt the baby move twice!!! Just little flutters but they were definitely something.

Sick, Sick, Sick!!! I've been super effing tired, but sleeping is only getting harder and more uncomfortable. The girls are still super sore, and it makes me want to cry some days. Randomly sore muscles, and shooting yet fleeting pain in my lower abdomen if I sit up too fast, or sneeze, or...ya know...move.
Also that whole baby brain thing is real. And it sucks. I randomly forget things that I know I knew at some point. Misplace things like a glass of OJ at work, that I was sipping not 15 seconds before. Weirdo.

Cravings: I don't feel like I've been craving anything too crazy yet. Most things just sound too grody to even care about. I have been digging carrots and scrambled eggs (not together). The eggs mostly because they are the only thing I have found that I don't immediately throw up if I'm feeling gross but need to eat. I have not bee craving potato chips though, which if you know me at all, you know that is the craziest thing in the world.

What I miss: Getting free treatments at school (I'm down to the basics now, i.e. facials, pedicures...), energy, feeling normal, not crying every 2 seconds, and a good margarita. Miss that one very much.

Boy, Girl, ?: Don't know yet, but we scheduled an ultrasound for 16 weeks with my cousin...which happens to fall on my birthday!! So hopefully we get something good out of that. I need a girl, he definitely wants a we'll see how that goes.

Best moment this week: When my belly popped out overnight...really. I was just looking a little chubby last week, then over the weekend I was excited because I LOOKED pregnant. Then on Tuesday, I was quite amazed to see that it was even bigger! Its cute though :)


Mike and Blake said...

so cute!!!! Please keep us updated! I want to hear all about ultrasounds and news and just EVERYTHING!!!!

Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

Oh Chelsea! The joys of being pregnant! You just helped reaffirm in my mind why I don't want to get pregnant again anytime soon! LOL!!
That's awesome you felt your baby kick! I didn't feel that until I was about 20 weeks or so.
For sleeping, my only suggestion is pillows...lots and lots of pillows. It only gets more and more uncomfortable! :(
I also lost weight in my first trimester...which honestly doesn't make any sense to me at all and all together I only gained a whole 15 lbs or so. Huh?...
For maternity clothes ...I highly suggest one of those belly bands...that kept me in my "regular" clothes a little bit longer, and for bras, that was hard because you keep growing. I have bras in several different sizes now. Grr!! I ended up jumping 5 "letter" sizes...and I"m still there, so you just don't know where your gonna end up! Also, the "soreness" does go away but I promise your boobs will never be the same again!
Well I'm glad your starting to get over the "morning sickness" the next trimester is the best part. When you find out the gender please please post it!!
P.S...hope you don't mind all my pregnancy advice!