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Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's have a party!

So I couldn't sleep on Saturday night because I kept thinking about everything that still needs to be done for the wedding and how it just keeps getting closer and closer. Funny how that works, huh?

Anyway, I decided that it was time to quit procrastinating and get to work on some of the scheduling things that need to be done still.

So, I emailed the photographer that I fell in love with at the Bridal Show in September...

And she is AVAILABLE on March 15th for the wedding!!!

We are meeting on Wednesday to get our engagement session scheduled. She said that she has some availability in December so hopefully we can get that done really fast because the pictures are a part of the invites so they need to be done before we can even put those together.

I have my fitting scheduled for December 13th and then that will be done so I can schedule my bridals. Probably not until the end of January or February.

Then me and sister will get to work on the invites. I was hoping we could start this weekend but then I remembered that I have something on Friday night and all day maybe the next weekend. I'll have to talk to sister.

I found the bridesmaid dresses that I wanted but they didn't have the right sizes so we had to keep looking. Then sister found some super cute ones so I need to get those ordered.

I should probably make a list so that I don't leave anything super important to the last minute, but I think for now I'm doing pretty good.

Oh, and...We booked our trip to Hawaii!!!!!

Woo Hoo! 7 nights on Oahu...
And this will be the view from our hotel...not our room because we got the Mountain View (which is okay because the mountains in Hawaii are beautiful), but that is how close we are to the beach!

Can't wait!

1 comment:

Becky Johnson said...

Will you pack me in your suitcase? You wont even know I am there. hehe